Hosting to WordPress done easy with WordOps on Trinchera WP

Hosting para WordPress hecho fácil con WordOps en Trinchera WP
Hi! I have not posted for a long time, although I have had material and I have given talks like this, but I had not had the motivation to do so. I recently got to know the Trinchera WP community and I really liked their approach and I realized that they have an ongoing event ...

WordPress Venezuelan community on Telegram 1

WordPress Venezuelan community on Telegram
Some months ago, I’ve created a community channel about WordPress (in spanish) on Telegram, the channel has a very few off-topic, we have people with any skills and we help between us, if you are a telegram user and you want to get in on our community this the address:   Our stats: ...

WordPress Meetup San Cristóbal this July 16

WordPress Meetup San Cristóbal this July 16
This Saturday I will be at the UNET giving a small talk (more like a workshop) entitled: Making a catalog style website using custom fields (Advance Custom Fields) Where I’ll be explaining how to use this wonderful plugin to customize WordPress and make a catalog style website, expect to see some code and a real ...

Adding a CSS class to children menu item on WordPress

Yesterday i needed a new CSS class on a children menu item, a chidlren item is a secondary menu  item, to remove a background image inherited from parent item, that it’s how i can do it, the code must be placed on functions.php file on the active template. Comparte esto:TwitterFacebookLinkedInMorePinterestMenéameTumblrEmailPrint

Migrate from qtranslate to mqtranslate 2

Migrate from qtranslate to mqtranslate
Time ago i’ve use qtranslate to have my blog with multi-lingual support(english and spanish), that is my first post, qtranslate fulfilled his duty , but this plugin has late upgrades and with each WordPress version this plugin go to down and work partially and is deactivated from the wordpress editor.ç Also this plugin has many ...