Invitation to San Cristóbal FLISOL 2016 1

Invitación al FLISOL San Cristóbal 2016
The user group Linux Tachira and other organizations related to Free Software in Táchira is pleased to invite this Saturday, April 23 at the Auditorium of the UNET the Flisol 2016 (Latin American Festival of Free Software), free event is simultaneously in over 200 offices at the level of Latin America, this time we also ...

Workshop RPM packaging at Fudcon Córdoba 2015 2

Taller de empaquetamiento RPM en Fudcon Cordoba 2015
This year the Fudcon ( Fedora Users and Developer Conference ) was in the city of Córdoba Argentina, I have prepared a workshop about RPM packaging with echevemaster, the content is about building a simple rpm with some tips to packaging on Fedora but all was simple, the idea was keep all simple to anybody ...

Get Youtube video list using XML RSS with PHP 3

Obtener listado de videos Youtube usando XML RSS con PHP
Before to get a video list from a youtube channel or an playlist Youtube had a simple resource through your API V2, but now the version 2 was dropped and we have new V3 now, if you use the V2 yet you must to have an error like this: {"apiVersion":"2.1","error":{"code":410,"message":"No longer available","errors":[{"domain":"GData","code":"NoLongerAvailableException","internalReason":"No longer available"}]}} And ...

Fedora on Guatemala CGSOL 2014 1

Fedora en el CGSOL 2014 Guatemala
Taking advantage of a visit to Guatemala for personal reasons, agreed with the congreso de Software libre de Guatemala 2014 at Xela city, I’ve to some friends from the local community and asked for a room to talk about the Fedora project.   Here I have used Presentation (based on one of tatica), if anyone ...

(Español) Usa la garantía de tu laptop o computadora

Usa la garantía de tu laptop o computadora
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