PHP Script to check and be emailed about SoYouStart availability 3

Script php para chequear y notificar disponibilidad de servidores en SoYouStart
I recently was to acquire a dedicated server provider SoYouStart (to the end I decided on another provider), however they do not work with stock available, otherwise progressively being pulled lots of servers (some used) and placed at the disposal and as much demand them go fast, starting with the most cheaper so it is ...

Adding a CSS class to children menu item on WordPress

Yesterday i needed a new CSS class on a children menu item, a chidlren item is a secondary menu  item, to remove a background image inherited from parent item, that it’s how i can do it, the code must be placed on functions.php file on the active template. Comparte esto:TwitterFacebookLinkedInMorePinterestMenéameTumblrEmailPrint

John Titor, a time traveler? 1

John Titor, a time traveler?
Some well known to my friends and near people and I now share with you my readers, is that in my free time on the internet I like to look, read and consume any type of information on UFOs, time travel, objects outside time and strange things for which explanations are difficult. John Titor is one ...

Migrate from qtranslate to mqtranslate 2

Migrar desde qtranslate a mqtranslate
Time ago i’ve use qtranslate to have my blog with multi-lingual support(english and spanish), that is my first post, qtranslate fulfilled his duty , but this plugin has late upgrades and with each WordPress version this plugin go to down and work partially and is deactivated from the wordpress editor.ç Also this plugin has many ...

Comprando hardware en Venezuela 1

Comprando hardware en Venezuela
Hace un tiempo estuve buscando hardware para montar un laboratorio casero, eso fue el año pasado, en el cual teníamos 400$ por parte de cadivi y desde hace tiempo he sido partidario a comprar cosas en sitios externos como amazon o ebay, sin  embargo este año con la reducción del cupo a 300$ ya no ...