Workshop RPM packaging at Fudcon Córdoba 2015

This year the Fudcon ( Fedora Users and Developer Conference ) was in the city of Córdoba Argentina, I have prepared a workshop about RPM packaging with echevemaster, the content is about building a simple rpm with some tips to packaging on Fedora but all was simple, the idea was keep all simple to anybody … Read more

Get Youtube video list using XML RSS with PHP

Before to get a video list from a youtube channel or an playlist Youtube had a simple resource through your API V2, but now the version 2 was dropped and we have new V3 now, if you use the V2 yet you must to have an error like this: {“apiVersion”:”2.1″,”error”:{“code”:410,”message”:”No longer available”,”errors”:[{“domain”:”GData”,”code”:”NoLongerAvailableException”,”internalReason”:”No longer available”}]}} And … Read more

PHP Script to check and be emailed about SoYouStart availability

I recently was to acquire a dedicated server provider SoYouStart (to the end I decided on another provider), however they do not work with stock available, otherwise progressively being pulled lots of servers (some used) and placed at the disposal and as much demand them go fast, starting with the most cheaper so it is … Read more