Script to manage groups in DansGuardian

Seeing as works DansGuardian groups (DG) from pfsense, I made a bash script that does similarly for those who do not use GUI for managing DG. The script is available as free software (Pull Requests are welcome): [getgit repoid=”” userid=”Richzendy” path=”” language=”bash”]

Fedora 18 has been released!

Fedora project leader announced today the project mailing lists the official release of Fedora 18.Particularly there was a long delay in the release of this version, but I am of those who prefer to take their time and do things right ,I have so much faith that this release will be one of the most stable and full of history and thank all the team who worked on it, congratulations!

Installing node.js on CentOS

Many site give instructions to install  node.js on CentOS compiling packages, but is better use packets rpm where available, in this case specifically the user lkundrak has available a yum repository with node.js packages, to use just copy this content: In your  /etc/yum.repos.d path,  then use yum to install the necessary, for example: yum install … Read more

Software Libre mind map made with Xmind

Xmind is a Software Libre aplication with dual license (one free version with minimal functions and other full but selled) which allows do mind maps,  Mind maps are very useful in defining any ideas so as to maintain the consistency of the same or define issues so as to achieve the different element linking them., … Read more