Looking laboratory hardware virtualization 13

Looking laboratory hardware virtualization
I am currently looking to buy some hardware, maybe two computers that I can serve to have a home lab to virtualize, test applications and various operating systems, ie testing with XenServer, Proxmox-VE, OpenVZ, VMware (why not ?), have my own lab migration from Microsoft services such as Exchange, Active Directory to OpenSource alternatives, perhaps ...

WebCam working with Java, jLabel, swing, opencv and javacv 11

WebCam working with Java, jLabel, swing, opencv and javacv
These days I’ve been experimenting with java (though I’ve always tried to avoid it) due to a client request for a development project. Java development tools are not entirely ugly as I thought, in fact I found it very productive to develop here, quickly made a desktop application that connected to MySQL to query and ...

GNU/Linux World Map 2

GNU/Linux World Map
In the GNU/Linux world as if they were one large region Fabian Inostroza Oyarzún designer shows us how would geopolitical division of the world in which the kingdoms consist of large distributions and applications GNU/Linux. Imagine the Game Of Thrones here? or a Lord of the Rings? Comparte esto:TwitterFacebookLinkedInMorePinterestMenéameTumblrEmailPrint

Spain Square – Guatemala

One place that seems emblematic of Guatemala City is the square Spain and could cross it many times since being in Guatemala lived nearby, is a flask in Zone 9 and according to the story he told me Rodrigo Polo, the fountain has created many years, was moved from the center of Guatemala City, specifically ...

Installing CentOS in a proliant ml310e

Installing CentOS in a proliant ml310e
This server has the distinction of coming with a RAID controller type: “Dinamic Smart Array B120i RAID in Embedded Slot” Which requires a proprietary driver from HP (very badly by the guys from HP driver not to make this part of the linux kernel), which is only available for RedHat (CentOS), Suse and Windows, if ...