Migrate from qtranslate to mqtranslate

Time ago i’ve use qtranslate to have my blog with multi-lingual support(english and spanish), that is my first post, qtranslate fulfilled his duty , but this plugin has late upgrades and with each WordPress version this plugin go to down and work partially and is deactivated from the wordpress editor.ç Also this plugin has many … Read more

mainwp Error – User is not an administrator

I’m testing MainWP to manage centrally all my WordPress sites and my clients WordpPress sites too, centrally  instead of InfiniteWP because in the last times i’ve a little problems with InfiniteWP and MainWP looks more Software Libre (Free Software) than InfiniteWP. i have this error adding one of my sites[highlight]mainwp Error – User is not … Read more

Looking laboratory hardware virtualization

I am currently looking to buy some hardware, maybe two computers that I can serve to have a home lab to virtualize, test applications and various operating systems, ie testing with XenServer, Proxmox-VE, OpenVZ, VMware (why not ?), have my own lab migration from Microsoft services such as Exchange, Active Directory to OpenSource alternatives, perhaps … Read more