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  1. Reply bradkgriffin Jul 3,2014 5:37 PM

    over at https://bradgriffin.me/w3-total-cache-review/ my images are flipping up. is it because of the plugin that’s making these images «roll over»? They are linked to an external url so that when / if someone clicks on it, they go to the link. But shouldn’t the roll over plugin only apply to text links?

    • Reply Richzendy Jul 3,2014 9:41 PM

      Hi bradkgriffin, it’s weird, my plugin it’s made with a exception to avoid rollover on images, but i don’t know why doesn’t work on your site, thanks for your report, i will make tests this weekend to try fix that.

  2. Reply Richzendy Jul 3,2014 9:44 PM

    Btw, looks how a long night at friday 😀

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